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Di Sudut Kamar Hati Ku

Di Sudut Kamar Hati Ku
Artist: Jamal Abdillah

Resah hatiku merindui
Terbayang-bayang anggun, senyum dan tawamu
Baru semalam rasanya bagai setahun
Pemergianmu tak tertanggung

Indah suasana tika bersama
Siang dan malam seolah di alam syurga
Cintamu itu cinta yang setulus jiwa
Dimana ku cari gantinya

Telah kulupa detik hitam selamanya
Yang menodai cinta kita
Tidak terdaya menahan takdirnya
Engkau abadi di dalam dada

Sepi dunia didalam riuh rendahnya
Pedih jiwaku tanggung derita
Patah hatiku kesalan tiada terhingga
Kau satu dalam berjuta

Kepada Tuhan tempatku taruh harapan
Engkau selamanya dalam bahagia
Cintamu itu biar kukenanginya
Di sudut kamar hatiku...

Sekadar coretan buat kenangan
Cerita kita di sini kuabadikan
Tinggi harapan semoga diketemukan
Di alam impian syurga idaman
Tinggi harapan semoga diketemukan
Di alam impian syurga idaman

~Hikmah terjaga di tengah malam~

Hikmah terjaga di tengah-tengah malam :
Kalau kita terjaga di tengah-tengah malam, ia sebenarnya satu anugerah dari Allah s.w.t. Allah s.w.t. kirimkan malaikatNya mengejutkan kita supaya kita bangun beribadah kepada Allah. Sebagai tanda terima kasih kerana mengejutkan kita, paling malas pun, mintalah apa-apa (berdoa) walau sedikit (meskipun kita masih di tempat tidur) kepada Allah. Kemudian tidurlah.

p/s;-petikan dari

Korea here we come;-)

Korea (한국 – Hankuk), is located in Korean Peninsula, bordered by China to the northwest and Russia to the northeast. It is a territory of East Asia that was formerly under one state until 1948 when it was split into 2 states (North Korea and South Korea). South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a capitalist, democratic and developed country whereby North Korea is officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is a single-party Juche country.

Korea is a country of four seasons where it is a dry, cold winter from November to March, and is the coldest in January. From September to November, autumn in Korea is beautiful and sunny with mild temperature and little rain. Spring, which is around April and May is also very pleasant, but with more rain. It is extremely hot and humid during the summer from July to September.Visitors can find many things to do at night in Seoul as there are numerous parks and recreational activities available after dark. Visit a theme park for discounted evening admission and to enjoy colorful light shows, performances and rides. Another option is 24-hour gaming at casinos exclusively for international visitors. Theses gaming establishments are housed in deluxe hotels that offer top-notch accommodations. Also at select hotels are seasonal ice-skating rinks that attract those seeking some family fun or a little romance on the ice.

Korea Fast Facts:
Ethnic Groups: Homogeneous (except for about 20,000 Chinese)
Religion: The population’s religious and spiritual beliefs are: 25% Christian, 25% Buddhist, Confucius, Shaman, and 50% none.
Language: Korean
Currency: Won (KRW)
Flag: Taegeukgi
National Flower: Mugunghwa (Rose of Sharon)
Korea Cultural Facts:
Take off your shoes when entering someone's home. There is usually a shelf or ample space for every guest's shoes.
Koreans believe that direct eye contact during conversation shows boldness, and out of politeness they concentrate on the conversation, usually avoiding eye-to-eye contact.
Koreans shake hands and bow at the same time. The depth of the bow depends on the relative seniority of the two people.
While dining, the eldest at the table eats first. No one even picks up their chopsticks until the eldest does.
During the meal, rest your chopsticks and spoon on top of a dish. When you have finished eating, lay the chopsticks or spoon on the table to indicate that you have completed the meal. Never stick chopsticks or spoons in a bowl of rice (this is done only during ancestral memorial services).
When eating with Koreans, refrain from blowing your nose (even though the spicy food may make your nose run) or coughing. If you have to cough, turn away.
Korea Immigration and Customs:
Visas are not required for tourist or business stays up to thirty days. For longer stays and other types of travel, visas must be obtained in advance.

Nightlife in Seoul
Seoul is certainly one of the most lively and dynamic nightlife capitals of the world. Even after midnight, throngs of people wander the streets in major shopping districts and popular downtown areas. The top attractions at nighttime are Dongdaemun Market for late-night shopping and the Hongik University (Hongdae) neighborhood with its concentration of nightclubs. For fabulous night views of Seoul, visit the observatory in N Seoul Tower or 63 City on Yeouido Island. Many visitors enjoy 63 City’s museums and dining facilities in the afternoon and stay past sunset to catch a glimpse of Seoul at night from high above in the skyscraper. If traveling with children, some options include recreational parks that open until 8 or 9pm or an exciting non-verbal show. Those with an interest in Korean traditional liquor can try some of the establishments serving Korean makgeolli. Check out the following list of popular nighttime activities Seoul has to offer.

In Korea there’s plenty to do: visiting famous tourist attractions, eating Korean foods and going shopping.
However, VisitKorea recommends that you do something unique during your trip and experience Korean traditional culture at firsthand. There are a variety of activities available for travelers, such as making traditional handicrafts, Korean cooking classes, ceramic making, and programs to help you experience the culture of Korea’s royal palaces. If you are interested in sports you could try learning Taekwondo, Korea’s famous national martial art.

Medical tours are available where you can relax and sample some of Korea’s traditional treatments, or you can learn what it was like to live in a traditional Korean house in a hanok stay program.

VisitKorea introduces seven activities and tours to help you fully experience the culture of Korea.
Spring lasts from late March to early May. Temperatures are mild and pleasant. It is the ideal season to witness cherry blossoms, forsythia, azaleas, magnolias and lilacs blooming during the peak season between March and May.
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Summer in Korea runs from June to early September. It is usually hot and humid. Half of the annual rainfall occurs during the monsoon season from late June to early July. Mid-July through mid-August is the hottest period and the most popular time for Koreans to go on vacation.
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In Korea Fall lasts from September through November. Mild days and clear weather make the autumn months the most pleasant time of the year. The temperature varies greatly from day to night. The mountains, when decorated with vivid golden and red autumnal leaves under the clear blue sky, make for a magnificent spectacle.
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Winter lasts from December to early March. The temperature fluctuates considerably with three days of cooler weather followed by four days of slightly warmer conditions. Heavy snow in the north and east makes for great skiing conditions.
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Sangat teruja untuk pergi ke Korea,walaupun terasa sedih tapi akan ku jejak jua di tempatmu;-) ku cari damai di hati walaupun kamu tiada lagi di dunia ini...
The Korean flag (태극기) is called "Taegeukgi" in Korean. Its design symbolizes the principles of the yin and yang in Oriental philosophy. The circle in the center of the Korean flag is divided into two equal parts. The upper red section represents the proactive cosmic forces of the yang. Conversely, the lower blue section represents the responsive cosmic forces of the yin. The two forces together embody the concepts of continual movement, balance and harmony that characterize the sphere of infinity. The circle is surrounded by four trigrams, one in each corner. Each trigram symbolizes one of the four universal elements: heaven (), earth (), fire (), and water ().

The national flower of Korea is the mugunghwa (무궁화), rose of sharon. Every year from July to October, a profusion of mugunghwa blossoms graces the entire country. Unlike most flowers, the mugunghwa is remarkably tenacious and able to withstand both blight and insects. The flower’s symbolic significance stems from the Korean word mugung, meaning immortality. This word accurately reflects the enduring nature of Korean culture, and the determination and perseverance of the Korean people.

Korea's national anthem is "Aegukga," which means "Love the Country." In 1896, the Dongnip Sinmun (Independence News) published various versions of lyrics for this song. It is not known exactly what music they were sung to in the early days. Records show that a Western-style military band was formed during the time of the Dae-han Empire (1897-1910) and that the "Dae-han Empire Aegukga" was composed in 1902 and played at important national functions.
The original words of Aegukga appeared in written form around 1907 to inculcate allegiance to the nation and foster the spirit of independence as the country faced threats of foreign annexation. Over the years, the lyrics went through several versions until they were adopted as the national anthem in the present form in 1948.
Before the birth of the Republic in 1948, the words were often sung to the tune of the Scottish folk song, Auld Lang Syne. Maestro Ahn Eak-tay (1905-1965), then living in Spain, felt that it was inappropriate to sing this patriotic song to the tune of another country's folk song. So, he composed new music to go with the lyrics in 1935, and the Korean Provisional Government in exile adopted it as the national anthem. While Koreans outside the country sang the anthem to the new tune, those at home continued to use Auld Lang Syne until Korea was liberated in 1945.
In 1948 the government of the Republic of Korea officially adopted the new version as the national anthem and began to use it at all schools and official functions.

View musical score of national anthem of Korea
Click here to listen the “Aegukga”

P/S Refer and taken at this website:

Sekali Lagi..

Terdampar lesu aku sekali lagi...
Bilakah rasa kecewa ini akan dirawat..
Adakah yang sudi merawatnya???
Masa itulah ubat terbaik...
Kalimah suci lah penawar luka ini...

Ya Allah,segala rasa yang singgah dalam kehidupanku...
Aku percaya ia adalah ubat dariMU untukku...
Hanya di KAU yang tau rahsia disebaliknya..
Cuma saatnya belum tiba lagi...
Bersabarlah wahai hati...
Tika dan saat itu akan tiba jua...

Ingin sekali aku bersamanya..
Menemaninya...tapi layakkah aku??
Terbang beriringan bersama...
Sedangkan aku hanya bunga liar di pinggir hutan..
Mejadi peneman hanya ketika diperlukan..
Namun jangan kau lupa bunga liar inilah ...
Yang pernah mewarnai kehidupan disaat kau perlukannya..

Dan sekali lagi..
Aku mahu pergi darimu..
Mungkin aku bukan untuk tulang rusukmu..
Namun dalam hatiku,ada tempat istemewa untukmu..
Walaupun sekali lagi aku terpaksa mengalah..
Kalau mengalah aku adalah bahagia buatmu..

Azlina Idris
Desa Idaman
7.01 am..
27 September 2011..

I like red!

1. Merah
melambangkan kesan energi, kekuatan, hasrat, erotisme, keberanian, simbol dari api, pencapaian tujuan, darah, resiko, ketenaran, cinta, perjuangan, perhatian, perang, bahaya, kecepatan, panas, kekerasan. Warna ini dapat menyampaikan kecenderungan untuk menampilkan gambar dan teks secara lebih besar dan dekat. warna merah dapat mengganggu apabila digunakan pada ukuran yang besar. Merah cocok untuk tema yang menunjukkan keberanian seseorang. energi misal mobil, kendaraan bermotor, olahraga dan permainan

2. Putih
Menunjukkan kedamaian, Permohonan maaf, pencapaian diri, spiritualitas, kedewaan, keperawanan atau kesucian, kesederhanaan, kesempurnaan, kebersihan, cahaya, takbersalah, keamanan, persatuan. Warna putih sangat bagus untuk menampilkan atau menekankan warna lain serta memberi kesan kesederhanaan dan kebersihan.

3. Hitam
Melambangkan perlindungan, pengusiran, sesuatu yang negatif, mengikat, kekuatan, formalitas, misteri, kekayaan, ketakutan, kejahatan, ketidak bahagiaan, perasaan yang dalam, kesedihan, kemarahan, sesuatu yang melanggar (underground), modern music, harga diri, anti kemapanan.
Sangat tepat untuk menambahkan kesan misteri. latar belakang warna hitam dapat menampilkan perspektif dan kedalaman. Sangat bagus untuk menampilkan karya seni atau fotografi karena membantu penekanan pada warna-warna lain.

4. Biru
Memberikan kesan Komunikasi, Peruntungan yang baik, kebijakan, perlindungan, inspirasi spiritual, tenang, kelembutan, dinamis, air, laut, kreativitas, cinta, kedamaian, kepercayaan, loyalitas, kepandaian, panutan, kekuatan dari adlam, kesedihan, kestabilan, kepercayaan diri, kesadaran, pesan, ide, berbagi, idealisme, persahabatan dan harmoni, kasih sayang.
Warna ini memberi kesan tenang dan menekankan keinginan. Biru tidak meminta mata untuk memperhatikan. Obyek dan gambar biru pada dasarnya dapat menciptakan perasaan yang dingin dan tenang. Warna Biru juga dapat menampilkan kekuatan teknologi, kebersihan, udara, air dan kedalaman laut. Selain itu, jika digabungkan dengan warna merah dan kuning dapat memberikan kesan kepercayaan dan kesehatan.

5. Hijau
Menunjukkan warna bumi, penyembuhan fisik, kelimpahan, keajaiban, tanaman dan pohon, kesuburan, pertumbuhan, muda, kesuksesan materi, pembaharuan, daya tahan, keseimbangan, ketergantungan dan persahabatan. Dapat digunakan untuk relaksasi, menetralisir mata, memenangkan pikiran, merangsang kreatifitas.

6. Kuning
Merujuk pada matahari, ingatan, imajinasi logis, energi sosial, kerjasama, kebahagiaan, kegembiraan, kehangatan, loyalitas, tekanan mental, persepsi, pemahaman, kebijaksanaan, penghianatan, kecemburuan, penipuan, kelemahan, penakut, aksi, idealisme, optimisme, imajinasi, harapan, musim panas, filosofi, ketidak pastian, resah dan curiga.
Warna Kuning merangsang aktivitas mental dan menarik perhatian, Sangat efektif digunakan pada blogsite yang menekankan pada perasaan bahagia dan kekanakan.

7. Merah Muda
Warna Merah Muda menunjukkan simbol kasih sayang dan cinta, persahabatan, feminin, kepercayaan, niat baik, pengobatan emosi, damai, perasaan yang halus, perasaan yang manis dan indah.

8. Ungu
Menunjukkan pengaruh, pandangan ketiga, kekuatan spiritual, pengetahuan yang tersembunyi, aspirasi yang tinggi, kebangsawanan, upacara, misteri, pencerahan, telepati, empati, arogan, intuisi, kepercayaan yang dalam, ambisi, magic atau keajaiban, harga diri.

9. Orange
Menunjukkan kehangatan, antusiasme, persahabatan, pencapaian bisnis, karier, kesuksesan, kesehatan pikiran, keadilan, daya tahan, kegembiraan, gerak cepat, sesuatu yang tumbuh, ketertarikan, independensi. Pada Blog dapat meningkatkan aktifitas mental. Disamping itu warna Orange memberi kesan yang kuat pada elemen yang dianggap penting.

10. Coklat
Menunjukkan Persahabatan, kejadian yang khusus, bumi, pemikiran yang materialis, reliabilitas, kedamaian, produktivitas, praktis, kerja keras. Warna coklat sangat tidak menarik apabila digunakan tanpa tambahan gambar dan ornamen tertentu, coklat harus didukung ornament lain agar menarik.

11. Abu-abu
Mencerminkan keamanan, kepandaian, tenang dan serius, kesederhanaan, kedewasaaan, konservatif, praktis, kesedihan, bosan, profesional, kualitas, diam, tenang.

12. Emas
Mencerminkan prestis (kedudukan), kesehatan, keamanan, kegembiraan, kebijakan, arti, tujuan, pencarian kedalam hati, kekuatan mistis, ilmu pengetahuan, perasaan kagum, konsentrasi.(


Watch up roses;-)

Roses have always had a strange hold over man. Maybe it is the influence of the Victorian tradition of using flowers to express emotions that have led to this strange fascination. And the rose has always been the most popular of all flowers when it comes to expressing emotions. One reason for this is that roses alone have various shades that can be interpreted in as many ways as possible.

The green rose, though not abundant in nature, is a beautiful sight to behold. The color green has many meanings and can be deciphered to symbolize diagonally opposite things. The most significant and popular meaning of the green rose is fertility. The green color symbolizes richness, abundance and bounty. Green roses are a sign of plenty and copiousness.

Green is life, abundant growth, constant renewal of life and energy. The green rose signifies the constant rejuvenation of spirit, and is therefore a messenger of cheerfulness. Transformation and change are a necessary prerequisite for life to go on. And green roses express this spirit of rejuvenation very beautifully.

Green rose also symbolizes self-respect and well being. Being symbolic of all life force, the color green gives a rich meaning to a rose. The freshness of the springtime, the abundance of the rainy season, all is well expressed by the green rose.

Green is also a very pleasing color. Psychologists believe that the color green often imparts a sense of balance, stability and peace to the human mind. When you simply need to surprise someone, or please him or her, use a green rose. It has no overtones of love, but is replete with positive nuances.

A negative aspect of the green rose is that green is also the color of envy. The "green-eyed monster" has forever given the pale green a negative meaning.

However, generally the color green symbolizes the richness of nature and the completeness of life. A green rose conveys a message of plentitude and affluence, and augurs great success for any new venture.

Red -
I love you, Strong love, Passion, Desire,
Sincere Love, Inner Beauty,
Soul Mates, a Connection Without Words

Red roses are the most popular flowers for Valentines Day, which is why the cost of them are so much higher in February. Their bright red shade is the ultimate expression of romantic and everlasting love.
Red roses also have a different kind of meaning within marriage. They express domestic paradise that is also passionate as well as abiding. A love that is forever growing in strength and away from monotony.

"Am i arose?? 'be a rose which gives fragrance even to those who crush it'
Menanti sesuatu yang tak pasti...Hilangkanlah segala rasa resah gelisah..Aku tak putus2 berdoa agar kehidupan ini lebih membahagiakan setelah segala episod luka telah berlalu..walau sukar mana sekalipun aku perlu jua tabah menghadapinya..Semoga apa yang telah terjadi membuatkan diriku semakin kenal erti tabah,sabar,redha,cekal dan tawakal dengan kehendak NYA.. "Adakalanya kita perlu MENANGIS agar kita tahu hidup ini bukan sekadar KETAWA,adakala kita perlu ketawa agar kita tahu MAHALNYA nilai airmata...Syukurlah kiranya ada yang menyakitimu,kerana dia mengajarmu erti TABAH...Syukurlah kiranya ada yang tidak mempedulikanmu,kerana dia mengajarmu BERDIKARI...Syukurlah jika ada yang menjatuhkanmu kerana dia menghebatkanmu untuk terus BANGUN LAGI..Syukurlah kiranya ada yang menyeksamu,kerana dia mengajarmu KESABARAN & KETABAHAN..

Lewat Musim Ini...

Wajahmu sering muncul dalam lenaku..
Tak ku sangka,lewat musim kita bertemu kembali..
Tapi hanya mata hati menjadi tafsiran antara kita..
Bergelora ombak pelbagai rasa suka dan duka..
Ku tahu kau sedih dan menderita di balik senyumanmu..
Hatiku menangis melihat dirimu di balik senyuman dan kata semangatku..
Mungkin kau tak sangka bertemu kembali,di lewat musim ini..

Bercinta denganmu kurasakan indah hari2 ku..
Kau tinggalkan aku,aku lemah tp semakin bersemangat dengan semangatmu..
Kutelusuri hari2 hidupku dgn kesedihan berpanjangan..
Mujur iman masih menjadi tunjang hidupku..
Jika tidak pasti aku hanyut..
Tapi segala kenangan yg kau berikan..
Ku cabar diriku mengejar bahagia HAKIKI..

Lewat musim ini..
Aku tahu ada sesuatu dalam hatimu untukku..
Tapi kau tak mampu berkata2 saat aku didepan matamu..
Hanya mata hati antara kita menjadi lisan sesama sendiri..
Kau cuba menyatakan,aku memahaminya..

Kini,kau tiada lagi..
Wajahmu masih sering muncul dalam lenaku..
Namamu masih terukir dalam hatiku..
Kemas bersama segala kenangan yg kau berikan..
Walaupun ianya kenangan memeritkan..
Tapi jiwaku tersenyum bila sebaris namamu ku sebut..
Cinta itu bukan milik kita..

Desa Idaman
1July 2011,8.47 am..